[Wii] Install the Homebrew Channel without Twilight Hack

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[Wii] Install the Homebrew Channel without Twilight Hack

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The firmware doesn't care. Only in the version of HackMii I'll Explain down
Who have a Wii with Firmware 4.2 you have to Download the v200, and who don't have 4.2 donwload v108

What Do We Need?
* A Wii ( :tongue: )
* An SD or SDHC card (SD is better)
* PC with SD reader
* Bannerbomb (Added as an attachment)

* First, download the attachment and unzip it in the SD root and overwrite if requested
* Put the SD Card on the Wii, and go to Menu.
* From here, go to Data Management and go to Channels
* Once you load the Wii channels, you will see that there is also a tab at the top right that says SD
* Give a click here and you will see two options: Choose "YES"
* Once done, load the installer Hackmii (after a while), allowing us to install the Homebrew Channel, BootMii and DVDx. Install everything. Restart your Wii and you will see the Hombrew Channel.

If you install BootMii, when you turn on your Wii you'll see a rare menu you can navegate in this menu wiht the Gamecube control or, you can move the select option with the power button and select option with restart button.

Install Aplications
The apps that we download have to put in the carpet apps in the SD root.

Bannerbomb v108
Bannerbombe v200
HackMii Installer v0.6 (HBC, DVDx and BootMii)