TUTORIAL - Connect a PS3 to PSN with FuckPSN v0.6

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TUTORIAL - Connect a PS3 to PSN with FuckPSN v0.6

Mensaje por jjblanco93 » 17 Mar 2011, 18:45

In this tutorial we will see how to connect to PlayStation Network with a PS3 with Custom Firmware 3.41(with dongle) or 3.55.

This method hides the ID of our PS3 with what this mode Sony can´t detect that you are connecting your PS3 and obviously Sony can´t ban you from PSN but isn´t completely safe.
That it is not difficult, only follow step by step this tutorial.

- PS3
- PC
- FTP client already installed on the PC, such as FileZilla.
- Pack FuckPSN v0.6.

1. Download and unzip the Pack FuckPSN v0.6.

2. We take the dev_blind.pkg and OpenPS3FTP and copy to the root of a flash drive.

3. Connect the flash drive in your PS3, go to Games-->Install Packages and install both in your PS3.


4. Started dev_blind in the Games section of your PS3, and inside will press :circulo: and then select "Yes" and press :equis: to mount a writable dev_flash. Finally press :circulo: and return to the XMB.


5. Start the OpenPS3FTP. Once started we will see an IP and port, leave the OpenPS3FTP running on your PS3.


6. In your PC start FTP client, in my case I use FileZilla

7. In the FTP client on your PC you can see the following information:
Server: The IP that shows OpenPS3FTP on our PS3.
Username: root
Password: openbox
Port: which shows the PS3, 21.

8. Start your Client FTP connection and access from your PC to your PS3. On the left of the window we see the PC and the PS3 on the right.

9. On the side of the PS3 go to "path--> dev_blind--> data--> cert, locate the file CA27.cer and rename it example CA27.cer.bak to avoid lose it.

10. On the PC side locate the folder of the download, specifically CA27.cer file, click the right mouse button and press "subir" (upload) for upload the file to your PS3.



If you ever have modified the file CA24.cer to access to PSN, you should also restore the original (included in the pack).

11. After this you can leave the FTP client and the OpenPS3FTP of the PS3.

12. Now proceed to configure the connection settings usually in your our PS3, reaching DNS setting. Select the manuals and set up DNS as the Primary DNS IP of the PC, that will connect the PS3 (192.168.1.XXX example) and how high will the IP of the router (usually

13. Restart the PS3.

14. Runs on the PC fuckPsn.exe (Maybe it´s necessary to unlock the application of the firewall to work it)

15. And you can access from your PS3 PSN with CFW 3.55 or 3.41 and without displaying the ID of your PS3 avoiding possible bans. Remember that every time that you want to connect, PSN FuckPSN need to be running on your PC, connected to the same router of your PS3 obviously.