Petitboot on PS3

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Petitboot on PS3

Mensaje por pspCaracas » 04 May 2010, 03:59

Petitiboot is a graphic boot manager that lets you choose a kernel image from your PS3’s hard disk, a CD-ROM like the Debian LiveCd for PS3, o from a pendrive. Petitboot also reconnbizes kboot or yaboot setting files, the boot manager by Sony and YellowDog for PS3, respectively.

Here you are a video with Petitboot in action and the directions to install it:


Just follow this steps:

  1. Download the Petitiboot’s otheros.bld
  2. Copy that file into the /PS3/OTHEROS folder on your pendrive (make any necessary folder)
  3. Plug your pendrive to the PS3 and go to “System Settings > Install other OS on the XMB menu of your PS3. This will detect and install the otheros.bld file
  4. Finally, go to System Settings > Default OS > Other system (the “PS3″ option will be checked)

Getting back to PS3

If you want to get back to your PS3 as an entertainment system, just reboot your PS3 and press the “Delete” button as is shown on this video: