Interview with Dark_AleX by Kravenbcn

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Interview with Dark_AleX by Kravenbcn

Mensaje por largeroliker » 18 Abr 2011, 18:01

Here you have the english translation for the interview who Kravenbcn made last April 2nd 2011 because of M33 (March 33)

Original spanish thread

Hi DaX, I'm Kravenbcn, from, it's a pleasure to be able to talk with you, Thanks for your time.
Let's start with some questions :)

- Is Alex your real name?
I think that by now it is more than logical, yes, it is my real name.

- How old is Dark-Alex?
Less than 30 years, I'm pretty old for all this things. (Real translation is "jogging", but I don't know if english are able to understand that spanish expression).

- What do you do?
What I don't do? I have practically finished my studies and I have too many possible thing in my head, too few time, too little will and a lot to do.

- This one will surely interest a lot of people, what do you need to study to be like Dark_AleX?
One person cannot be the same as another ome, but since you're asking, I studied the spanish Computer Engineering at the university. The rest is devotion and interest.

- Anybody of your inner circle (family, friends...) know that you are Dark_AleX?
Just the important ones.

- Do you have girlfriend? Are you married?
I'm not married, but I have a girlfriend. A chinese-spanish girl who doesn't speak chinese.

- Does Dark_Alex got children?
Luckily not! There will be time for that.

- What consoles and how many of them you have or you have had?
Probably I will need to do a recon in my house soon to know how many of them I got...but, I have to say one thing, my cabinets are full.

- What's your favourite game?
Castlevania, no doubt. On almost all the platforms.

- What pushed you to start hacking PSP?
I got curious when studying cryptography at the University and looked at the PSP. The rest was to go deeper...and history.

- When you started on the PSP scene, did you expect to become the idol you are now for so many people?
It is not something you can expect or imagine, though the world is very large and for being who I am ( or who I was like you say) in a scene is not an important thing.

- With such dedication to the PSP scene, were you able to get off of them in your "free time"?
Free time, what's that?
Jokes apart, it weren't something like a job, so I couldn't get very tired. Either way and fortunately, there was always other ways to waste time.

- Which contribution to the PSP scene do you think was your best?
It's other people who has to judge such things. Though, for me, probably the best was the Time Machine.

- And the best Custom Firmware for PSP for Dark_AleX?
Maybe the last one, for being as stable as possible at that time.

- Will you open source the 5.00 M33-6 and/or Despertar del Cementerio?
As I thought, yes. Maybe when the PSP stops being sold.

- From what other PSP scener do you have best memories and why?
From a lot, but if I must say only one, I'd say jas0nuk for his help and great humour, and Booster who were one of the first sceners I knew.

- Sincerely, what reasons led you to disappear from the scene?
Sincerely, the reasons already known.

- Did you you get any threat from Sony?
None I saw, but I'm not paranoid.

- After your withdrawal have you kept developing for PSP for yourself even if you never published it?
I did some stuff, yes, but at a very lower scale. Nothing like before, partly because of time and partly because of lack of interest.

- Do you follow the PSP scene evolution?
More from known people comments than by my own self, to be honest

- Do you think that the PSP scene got stalled after your withdrawal?
With my withdrawal people only modified my previous works.
With or without original sources, you need interest, dedication and knowing where to look. Fortunately, this might change.

- PSP Slim with unhackable boards and PSP 3000. Do you think that some day they can be fully hacked?
I wish so, yes, but if it doesn't happen, I really don't mind.

- What do you think about PSPGo release?
Much ado about nothing. I have one (and a 3DS), but I hardly play with it.

- Have you been working on something since you get out from the PSP scene?
I worked on stuff for mobile phones and Android, and I had a look at PS3 scene.

- What memories do you save from forum?
Nights sleeping late and laughs when I tried to release anything on a given time... Almost always everything went wrong.
- Do you know If yes, what do you think about it?
Yes, I know it, but nowadays I hardly visit PSP websites to be honest.

- What do you think about the current PS3 scene?
I think it's very commercial, with few possibilities for a medium user... Full of people who only look for the fame and without the old interest we had years ago for experimentation and knowledge.
Also, I was sad when I knew the PS3 keys leak, because in my opinion they could yield a greater profit if they kept them secret. Although, if you think about it, I doubt that something can be kept secret with so much people knowing. It seems they compete to see who release the biggest one, it's sad.

- Do PS3 bring you up to develop for it?
No, specially not.

- As seen in recent times it seems that GeoHot is taking advantage on the PS3 scene. What do you think about him?
Well, it's sure he knows what's doing, but his forms are not the best. It's true that Sony is putting pressure more than ever, but making raps about them when at the next day he has to go to court...
that's not smart.

- Do you know Waninkoko? What do you think about his change from Wii scene to PS3 scene?
I know him a little bit, Alek talked about him. It was unfortunate how the people attacked him by having a mistake, when everyone have had someone.

- Dark-AleX prefers a hacked PS3 or the possibility of online play without problems?
I prefer PS3, as it is. I play little online (or nothing even), but a challenge is always welcome.
Either way, it's better to have two PS3, one online and the second offline. Using a CFW for PSN is nonsense.

- What future forecast you have for the PS3 scene after Geohot and fail0verflow Team keys' discovery? Will Sony change them?
If they wanted to, Sony should be able to modify them, but I don't know if they would do it. Nowadays only Sony knows his strategy against hackers and to ensure its future in the console market.

- As you know, Geohot and fail0verflow Team, have been brought to justice by Sony, do you think Sony has something to do against them in this case?
Against them, and other people that were sued, if Sony had no reasons, they got free of charges. Justice changes depending at who you're looking and on what country you're living, so time will tell

- A few days ago a new PSP was presented, provisionally called NGP. What do you think about it?
Pretty new, yes, and a plagiarism for many ones, but surely it will sell much, if they have a little touch on the marketing and take advantage of the winter market.

- How do you rate Sony's approach to Android?
Like Microsoft's approach to hackers by giving them T-shirts and Windows Phone's. Nice, but absurd.

- Will you buy a NGP?
Surely, yes.

- Will we ever see the Dark-AleX in the scene, either PSP, PS3 or NGP?
I don't think it's necessary, if someone is interested in knowing the intricacies of what is not said.
No matter if his name is Dark-AleX or whatever, while he/she has half a brain and he would not worry about fame as much as see that knowledge as long as possible.

Thanks a lot Alex, it's a pleassure to hear from you, take care and see you soon ;)

Translation into English by largeroliker.
Thanks to m0skit0 by the spanglish translation correction :)
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Re: Interview with Dark_AleX by Kravenbcn

Mensaje por Kravenbcn » 19 Abr 2011, 07:34

Thanks ;)
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