[video-tutorial] Making a magic MS on the PSP

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[video-tutorial] Making a magic MS on the PSP

Mensaje por pspCaracas » 08 Mar 2011, 01:41

The magic memory stick or MS magic for short, is a prepared memory that let you run an installer for Dark-Alex’s custom firmware, which work in conjunction with Pandora battery. Without it the PSP won’t run the hacking procedure.


  • PSP previously hacked
  • MS greater than or equal to 256 MB (Sony or Sandisk original are better)

Needed files

In order to make the magic MS you will need to follow these steps:
  1. Download Despertar del Cementerio 8.
  2. Extract the file and copy it to /PSP/GAME on the MS.
  3. Download official firmware 5.00
  4. Extract and copy file 500.PBP to the MS root, I mean, to the MS directly, no into a directory.

Making the magic MS

The procedure of making is easy, just run on a hacked PSP program Despertar del Cementerio 8 from Game menu and follow directions. The above video shows the procedure.

Reference: http://lgallardo.com/en/2011/02/21/crea ... en-la-psp/