How to run NitePR/CoderPR

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How to run NitePR/CoderPR

Mensaje por Kravenbcn » 25 May 2010, 13:49

Published by Jonatan10 in forum
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How to run Nitepr for more help visit

This Tutorial is how to put NitePR and CoderPR
As new people come to the psp scene the most frequent questions ask is how to i get custom themes and how do i use cheats for my games

Well first you want to do is download NitePR rev.K or you can get the mod version of this CoderPR 8.6 either or will be fine i go with CoderPR as it is like an update to NitePR

When you get the download(depends what you get) If you get NitePR your going to see three folders and 2 exe files, open the FILE folder then your gonna get 2 folders 1 for specifically 3.71 and another Firmwares, this is the most important part for NITEPR if you are not on 3.71 do not use that folder use all other firmware folder,


after you open the all other firmware you should see 1 folder called seplugin,
if you barely started jus copy the whole folder over, i you have other lil plugins dont do that or you will lose some plugins input to the Game.txt

Ok so open the seplugin folder and you will see 3 files the game txt, NitePR prx, and the NitePR folder


Open the Seplugin folder in you psp, and copy the NitePR.prx into the seplugin folder, then put the NitePR folder in there seplugin folder as well, for the GAME.txt


open that up and you will get a txt like this "ms0:/seplugins/nitePR.prx" copy that and go to your psp and copy that to your GAME.txt.


Default you get 2 codes with nitePR( will talk bout how to put in cheats later) after you have done copying and pasting all that go ahead take you psp restart it and hold are enable nitePR then go to a game UMD/ISO start it when games start you should see a blinking sentence that says tap home twice go ahead and do that after you do that press the Vol - and vol+ and the NitePR menu should pop up.. if that does then SUCCESS!! you officially put nitePR in your psp

For CoderPR is the same bit but a few differences, there is actually to separate folders for phat psp users and slim users
make sure you get the corresponding folder for your psp
For starts, instead of putting the CoderPR in your seplugin folder you put it on the root of the mem stick, and for the GAME.txt you put this input "ms0:/coderPR/coderPR.prx" and you are done..

Now for putting cheats in for nitePR/CoderPR

To find cheats for NitePR/CoderPR google is your friend, father, mother, consoler... no reason to be too lazy...
Once you find you cheats to put them in NitePR simply open up note pad get your cheats(where ever you got them) copy them and paste in notepad then go to save as, and put the title as as the game ID or game slu (e.g. UCUS-98668.txt[resistance retribution])


then after you save it simply drop it in the NitePR folder in your seplugin folder and your done you jus added cheats.. go to you game start it tap home twice do the - and + combo key and you should see a list of cheats

For CoderPR is the same thing but instead of putting it directly in the CoderPR folder they have a Specific folder for your cheats jus drop it in the Cheat folder inside the CoderPR folder and do the same as NitePR go to your game tap home twice and press the - and + and the menu should pop up..


-Enable cheats-
When you have all you cheats in the place go to the cheat menu press X and it should be whited out , the press O go back to you game and press the


Note button it should look like this ♪, when you press that it enables it, press it again to turn them off, this is for both NitePR and CoderPR the █ button permanently enables cheats no turning on or off it stays on
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