Softmod A Slim Battery Using A Phat

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Softmod A Slim Battery Using A Phat

Mensajepor Kravenbcn » 25 May 2010, 13:34

Published by ruyor in forum
Recovered thanks to Alek, webmaster of


Do you have a Slim that isn't capable of making a Pandora Battery? Do you also have a Phat? This tutorial will teach you how to Pandorize a 1200 mAh (Slim) battery using a Phat that can run homebrew.

---Pandorizing A Slim Battery Using A Phat---

1. Completely discharge the Slim battery you want to softmod (the Phat can overcharge Slim batteries making them useless for 2-3 days or forever)

2. Take out the Phat's battery

3. Plug in AC Adapter

4. Run OSPBT


5. After it starts, you'll see this:

6. Right before you "Press X to continue", hold the Slim battery so the terminals make contact, you'll know when it's connected because the charge light will come on (you can't fully put a 1200 mAh battery in a Phat), then press X to continue, the battery should look like this:


5. Choose "Convert to service mode"

6. As soon as it's done, remove the Slim battery and exit OSPBT

So far I've done this on 2 batts, and it worked on both.

Note: Not all 1200 mAh batteries can be Pandorized, Softmod or Hardmod
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