Custom Firmware Extender 3.1[TUT]

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Custom Firmware Extender 3.1[TUT]

Mensaje por Kravenbcn » 25 May 2010, 12:42

Published by ilostchild in forum
Recovered thanks to Alek, webmaster of

Well it seems alot more people are using this and some asked for a Tutorial so i shall attempt to make one

First off you want to download the latest CFE, which is 3.1. the downlond will be attach.

Ok so after you download it you want to unzip/Unrar it should have a folder called release or CFE

So if you continue with my tut you will see 7 files in there Windows, TM,Seplugins Gametxt and Vshtxt and 2 readmes.

Now you can read the readme of continue with my tutorial.

Now the Window folder is for Remotejoy lite you you can drag that onto your desktop TM is for time machine you can load to a different firmware. and seplugins is the main folder you want to put in your psp if you already have a seplugin folder in your psp. then go ahead and open the seplugin folder in the download.

When that is open you will only see 1 folder. go ahead and drag that into your psp seplugin folder after that your are done on that part.. keep your seplugin folder open on your psp.


Now on the CFE window go back to all the folders and what you want to do is copy the game/or VSH txt from there and paste it on to your game and vsh txt
ms0:/seplugins/cfe/cfe_loader.prx 1


If you dont have the 1 after the txt your going have to go to the recovery menu and enable it from there


after you have enabled vsh and game CFE you can go into xmb and/or game press R trigger and the Note Button and the menu should pop up!

here is a lil vid to see how cfw should work and look like


This can work with the CFW enabler and 5.03 GEN-A HEN if you are in these HEN CF put the 1 after the txt and jus go straight to xmb and game..
3k users cant use INGAME music CFE doesnt recognized the 3k, for t88v3 im unsure of but i think it does work if any can confirm please do

Those who have the 3k and want ingame music this plugin allows/lets you do this
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