M33 Recovery Menu on CFWe

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M33 Recovery Menu on CFWe

Mensaje por Kravenbcn » 25 May 2010, 12:27

Published by bosshunter in dark-alex.org forum
Recovered thanks to Alek, webmaster of dark-alex.org

Hey, there is way to enter M33 Recovery Menu on CFWe (tested on 3.50), so i thought of sharing with you. Hope you like it ^^
Probably you guys already know about this, but here it goes:

1 - Copy the recovery.prx to 'flash0:/vsh/module/' (You can access flash0 pressing the select button on xmb and change the usb device to Flash0, then toogle the usb connection. And don't worry, copying this file won't affect your system files.)

2 - Copy reclauncher.prx to your seplugins folder in the root of you ms.

3 - Create/Edit your vsh.txt file and add the following line:
ms0:/seplugins/reclauncher.prx 1

4 - Restart the CFWe so the plugin takes effect and now you can access M33 Recovery Menu by pressing the L trigger.

5 - You can now change configurations and Plugins settings much faster than going through the CFWe eboot.

Bugs/Issues (while in Recovery Menu):
- Toogle USB/flash0/flash1/flash2/flash3 doesn't work.
- 'Format flash1 and reset settings' option doesn't work. Because you're still in VSH.
- Don't 'Run program at /PSP/GAME/RECOVERY/EBOOT.PBP'. It will freeze.
- Pressing the start button anywhere will freeze the psp.
- Can't change the hotkey. (L trigger)
- The only way to exit the Recovery Menu is by pressing X on the Exit option, and press the start button right after. The PSP will reboot but the CFWe will still be loaded.

Credits to Red Squirrel for creating this plugin back in
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