CXMB for 5.00

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CXMB for 5.00

Mensaje por Kravenbcn » 24 May 2010, 21:16

Published by mortalinstincts in forum

Recovered thanks to Alek, webmaster of

Well, this is a tutorial which will allow you to install CXMB on your PSP... running 5.00 M33

Well, firstly... What is CXMB?
CXMB is a plugin for people that want advanced themes, but don't want to touch their flash0.

So How do I begin?
You will begin by downloading the following 2 files:

Project Glass.rar

The first attachment contains the plugin itself and the second attachment contains a CTF made by ©Ω!Ñ$@Ñ£_-_$¥Ñ¥$Ŧ£ŘΩ©... which i have taken from the following link: ... r-500-m33/

The first attachment (which includes the plugin) already has the decrypted PRXs required, so don't worry, you won't need to download the 5.00 OFW eboot and the new PSARdumper...

So once you have downloaded the the 1st attachment... You will see that it contains 3 folders:

Copy the first folder to the root of your memory stick...
The second folder is not required if you already have a THEME folder inside your PSP folder...
The third folder should be copied to the root of your memory stick...
If you already have a seplugins folder, then just add the following line to the vsh.txt inside it:

Now, copy the Custom Theme FIle (CTF) provided (or any other CTF which you want to use) to the theme folder...
ms0:\PSP\THEME\Project Glass.ctf

Now create a file called conf.txt and place it inside the CXMB folder...

The text file should contain the following text:
/PSP/THEME/Project Glass.ctf

Replace the "Project Glass.ctf" with whichever CTF you want to use...

Now that you have configured everything
Once all the folders are in place, turn your PSP on and activate CXMB in the recovery menu and then exit the recovery menu.
Wait for your PSP to boot (it may take longer than normal, so don't worry!) and you should have a customized XMB!
If you used the CTF provided in this tutorial, your XMB should look something like this:

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Re: CXMB for 5.00

Mensaje por el_ssbb_boy » 30 May 2010, 16:20

Add that it runs in CFWe3.60 and 3.70