For IRShell - btcnfpatch.prx for 5.03 on PSP 2000 and 3000

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For IRShell - btcnfpatch.prx for 5.03 on PSP 2000 and 3000

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Published by bosshunter in forum

Recovered thanks to Alek, webmaster of

Ok, you can forget about the tutorial I made on How to fully patch IRShell with 5.03 CFWe..

This here is an utility that I coded myself (just like the good old patching way) that does the same thing as the tutorial (but now M33 NoUMD Mode works! :D).
For those who don't know what it is, this is the patch that you need to install in order to play ISOS, PSX games and specially to improve stability to IrShell.

Note 1: This patch is only working on CFWe 3.50 version and below. With CFWe 3.60 you can still play ISOS but the PSX games won't work.. (The game could not be started. (800200E5))
Note 2: It is only for firmwares 5.03 on PSP 2000 or 3000. (Tested on both. Phat not supported as you can install CFW on it)
Note 3: This utility touches a file installed by CFWe in flash0 so USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Note 4: If something goes wrong while the prx is patching the file (ex: PSP turns off cuz of low battery) and CFWe is no longer loading, you can always reinstall the CFWe and run the patch again.

Make sure you have:
- IrShell 5.0 installed.
- A fresh install of CFWe (if you have done my other tutorial, you'll have to reinstall CFWe to run this utility).
- Plugins in game.txt are disabled (If not you'll probably get a black screen when running the prx. Just do a hard reset if this happens. Then enable ChickHen, run CFWe and try the patch again after disabling the game.txt plugins. Kinda looks like a pain but.. You only need to run this once! :lol: ).
- Replaced the IRSHELL folder (attachment) in your memory stick.

Instructions: (same as the old IrShell patches)
- Run IrShell
- Open Directory View and go to ms0:/IRSHELL/PATCH/5.03/
- Run btcnfpatch.prx
- Press X to start patching
- Wait a few seconds and you're done (you should see the following screenshot on your PSP if the update is successful).
- You can now re-enable your plugins in game.txt.

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Re: For IRShell - btcnfpatch.prx for 5.03 on PSP 2000 and 30

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I have lost all my files and finally I found my patch in here. ^^