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PS3 - Estrucutura BR manual para gestionar contenido adicional

sandungas, a quien algunos conocereis por ser miembro de nuestro foro y del irc de dark-alex.org, ha creado una estructura para añadir manualmente contenido adicional a las estructuras de los "bluray falsos" mostrados en las PS3 liberadas.

Blu-Ray fake discs by sandungas

These are “fake” Blu-Ray structures with the minimall parameters inside SFO’s/SFX’s and the needed HYBRID_FLAG’s inside PS3_DISC.SFB
All the files are 100% hand made from scratch and tested, reduced to the minimall needed to work with the purpose of understand the structure and to document all valid CATEGORY values

All them can be mounted with any “backup manager” like a normal game, mixed with a real game to add content like patches, to make a video disc with all the chapters of a video serie, etc…
The other way to “play” with this is by experimenting different values and structures looking for “non standard” uses, using them in combination with other tweaks from cfw, etc… feel free to experiment

All the .replaceme files are dummyes (0kb) replace them with the correct file/name/format
All the names of the .txt files are explanatory of the contents of the SFO’s/SFX’s … can be removed, but its not necesary, the system will ignore them.

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